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Hey Y'all

I'm Marcy. Registered nurse, turned professional organizer. Crazy, right? Prior to nursing school, I was an art major, so the ability to visualize a space in its completed state is something that comes pretty naturally. Sorting things is almost like some type of therapy for me.

I've been organizing my own spaces for as long as I can remember, and now it is my greatest privilege to come along side you to help you get control of yours. Whether it's purging, decluttering, organzing, staging, packing to move, new home set up, or holiday decor that you need help with, I'm your girl!

I'm a mom to a toddler girl and bonus mom to three tween/teen boys. I'm someone that understands hectic schedules and chaotic homes. And now, I'm your new best friend. Hands-down, the best part of my job is working with and for my incredible clients. So many of them turning into wonderful friends.

My Goal

My goal is to come in to your home, take a space that has previously caused you to be stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, and turn it into your favorite space: a space that gives you a sense of calm and that you will look forward to using or being in.

Once we are through working together and you come across a friend who could use my services, it is my hope and prayer that I have loved you and served you so well that you will tell them with confidence, "You need to call My Girl Marcy".

Services Offered


Our decluttering sessions are typically done alongside the client, working together to decide what stays and what goes. The stuff that goes will be separated into piles that typically include "to sell", "to donate", or "trash". With the stuff that stays, we then find or create a home for it. Our goals is to ensure everything has a "home".

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Strictly organization can be done with the client or without. Many clients have us come in because they already have a full plate so they will go about their business, we do our thing, and they come home to a beautiful, functional, organized space.

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Packing to move

Preparing to move is one of the biggest stressors adults face. Selling and buying is already incredibly overwhelming, by the time it's time to pack, you want to just throw it in any box, tape it up and be done. My Girl Marcy will come with boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, and will do the packing for you. That's right! We will pack it all!

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New Home Set Up

After you have purchased that new home and it's time to move in, you just put the boxes in the room that they belong in and we come unpack and organize at the same time. Imagine moving into a new home and not only having the boxes unpacked for you, but put away with systems in place from the very beginning.

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Holiday decor

Love Christmas? Hate decorating? Let us do it for you! We offer three different packages, depending on the amount of decor you have. We will also do the shopping for you if you are in need of new. Then you can book us in January to come back, take it all down and pack it away in an organized way. Merry Christmas to YOU. *Interior decor and front porches only

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Have a space that needs a refresh? Never got a chance to hang anything on the walls? Tired of your old decor? Marcy can use her artistic eye to create a beautiful space that you will be proud of and want to spend time in.

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*My Girl Marcy is located in the Atlanta area, but travels to wherever our help is needed!

Recent Work

From closet organization, to pantry purges, to playroom design and decor, to garage overhauls, to office refreshes,

My Girl Marcy does it all!

For a complete portfolio of our work, please visit us on Instagram, where our most recent projects are always highlighted to give you an idea of what My Girl Marcy could do for your space!


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Happy Clients

Marcy is PURE MAGIC. For real, what she did for my family and house was some sort of wizardry. She took our chaos and turned it to being LISTING READY. In a matter of days she took our ENTIRE house, organized, purged, and used what we had to stage it to be ready to sell. I am a lifetime client!


You only live once!! But when that life is cluttered and you have no room to breathe, you need help getting started! My girl Marcy came into my life when I needed her the most. She helped me clear the clutter and get organized. Now my house feels like “Home” again. A place I can retreat to and reclaim my sanity. Thank you Marcy!


In the middle of life chaos, my house also became chaotic. Getting prepared to move and I was totally overwhelmed. Marcy stepped in, and tackled 3 major rooms with me. What would have taken me weeks, took her two days. I felt a thousand pounds lighter and ready to tackle my move after Marcy worked her magic! Highly recommend!

- Meagan

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